十大赌博平台排行榜 is an independent pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 school in Norfolk, Virginia. 70多年了, 我们一直在培养批判性思考者, 实干家和探索者通过创新, 在一个包容和支持的学习社区中进行教学. We are dedicated to being an actively anti-racist institution that creates a safe environment and sense of belonging for all students, 家庭, 教职员工. 

Collegiate is comprised of nearly 600 students and 100 教职员工 on two campuses nearly three miles apart and within 10 minutes of downtown Norfolk. The middle (Grades 6-8) and upper school (Grades 9-12) are located on Granby Street. 低年级(pre-K-Grade 5)位于Tidewater Drive.

我们的教师 & 工作人员
我们重视我们敬业的教职员工. 每个人在提供温暖方面都起着至关重要的作用, 为学生提供具有挑战性和支持性的环境.

We offer employees competitive professional development funding and a generous benefits package in an environment that is characterized by open communication, 协作和强烈的社区意识. 学生上进的结合, 忙碌的家庭, active institutional support and highly qualified employees makes 十大赌博平台排行榜 a satisfying place to work.

诺福克学院正在招聘以下职位的申请人. 有兴趣的候选人应提交一份完整的申请, 以及广告中要求的项目, to employment@pulauz.net.


  • 体育教练

    十大赌博平台排行榜 is seeking applicants for various athletic coaching positions for the current academic year. Coaches at 十大赌博平台排行榜 serve a crucial function in supplementing the education of children who attend our school. 我们强大的运动部门有助于思想的发展, 的身体, 以及我们学生的性格, 和教练, 就像课堂上的老师一样, 作为这个过程的向导和导师. 在十大赌博平台排行榜执教一支运动队, an individual must demonstrate a caring and nurturing attitude toward young people and must seek to provide a positive but challenging learning environment for our athletes to develop the ability to push themselves and their teammates to achieve their goals through hard work, 纪律, 积极的态度. Coaches at 十大赌博平台排行榜 must demonstrate knowledge in their particular sport and must be able to transmit that knowledge to athletes under their charge. 申请者应联系体育主任乔恩·霍尔 jhall@pulauz.net 了解更多信息.
  • 公共汽车司机

    十大赌博平台排行榜 seeks part-time bus drivers for the current school year. Responsibilities include afternoon and occasional evening driving of athletic teams for practices and games. 不时地, there will also be opportunities to drive students and teachers to field trips during the school day. Drivers are expected to have an up-to-date CDL with and S or P endorsement and will be paid $25 per hour with a $40 per trip minimum. 有兴趣的候选人请联系体育主任乔恩·霍尔,电话757.480.2885 or jhall@pulauz.net.
  • 发展总监

    诺福克学院正在寻找合格的候选人, 开发总监的全职职位. 向晋升助理主管汇报, the 发展总监 will be responsible for designing and leading all aspects of the development program. This includes expanding opportunities for future revenue growth among alumni, 十大赌博平台排行榜, and friends of 十大赌博平台排行榜 as well as corporate and foundation partnerships. The director will be responsible for managing and supervising a development team of three staff members.  另外, 监督的领域包括年度捐赠, 重要的礼物, 计划给, 志愿者管理, 特别活动, 校友及家长参与. 发展主任将与校长合作, 晋升助理主管, 董事会领导, and parent and alumni leadership to build strong constituency relations and increase donor support.  The director will carry a portfolio of lead annual fund donors and prospects and manage school strategy through the various stages of donor 培养, 征集, 和管理工作. 与发展助理主管合作, 总监将支持一项钜额捐献计划以包含身份识别, 培养, 募捐和管理. The ideal candidate will have five to seven years of experience in fundraising with a demonstrated track record of meeting appropriate goals. 有兴趣的候选人应提交申请, 求职信, 重新开始, and unofficial copies of transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate degrees to employment@pulauz.net.
  • 延长护理员

    十大赌博平台排行榜 is seeking an extended care worker for the after-school extended care program from 2:45-6:15 p.m. The students enrolled in the extended care programs are pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5. The ideal candidate has one to three years experience working with young children. 基础教育中的大学课程, 尤其是在儿童发展和心理学领域, 2年制或4年制大学毕业者优先. 有兴趣的申请人应提交申请, 求职信, 重新开始 and an unofficial copy of transcripts of all undergraduate degrees and a list of professional references to employment@pulauz.net.  
  • 帆船总教练

    诺福克学院正在招聘合格的帆船总教练候选人. 学校的使命驱动帆船项目有很长的历史, 优秀的传统在区域内得到认可, state and national level with many alumni sailing at the intercollegiate level and beyond.

    Leading and developing student-athletes while fostering a passion for sailing is key to the program’s success. This position reports to the director of athletics and oversees the school’s sailing program for Grades 6-12, 监督教练组成员, 协调团队后勤并与社区合作伙伴保持联系. Candidates who are qualified and interested in serving in other capacities at the school (staff member, 教室的老师, 等.)优先.
    Salary is commensurate with experience and any agreed-upon additional school responsibilities. Qualified candidates should send a 重新开始 highlighting one’s sailing and coaching experience, as well as any additional experience that could support the school’s overall program and copies of appropriate certifications to employment@pulauz.net.
  • 代课老师

    十大赌博平台排行榜 is seeking applicants for substitute teaching positions for the current academic year. 职责包括, 但并不局限于教学范围的高中, 初中和低年级的班级, 监考自习室, 并在必要时支持学校的使命. 理想的候选人应具有较低的教学经验, 中学或高中背景, 并致力于跨学科的学习方法. 我们寻找知识渊博、对教学充满热情的教师. They should have an established interest in working with students from a variety of backgrounds who possess a range of abilities and learning styles. The position requires collaborative work with other teachers and administrators. 十大赌博平台排行榜 offers a close-knit, supportive environment and a collegial atmosphere. We welcome energetic and flexible lifelong learners who are reflective about their teaching practices and expect to collaborate, 创新, 并成长为老师和导师. Applicants should send a completed application, 重新开始, 求职信 and references to employment@pulauz.net.